I am proud to call Boise Idaho home; lived here all my life.  Although I really enjoy blacksmithing, I have a passion for knife making. Each knife I create is unique; it becomes a product of an image; materials chosen help to develop the product. Much time is involved in the formation, creation and completion. Each knife I create is unique; there are  no two knives alike. I don't make template knives or purchase stock removal blanks.  I make each blade individually from the material selected; could be a chain saw bar, cable, chain,  file, steel from the junk yard, forged Damascus, suspension spring, or a lawn mower blade; its all about the transformation and what it becomes; once the blade is done, it requires its own unique handle. I use bone, antler, exotic woods,  makarta, some plastics and leather handles on throwing knives. 

My Damascus billets are forged welded by hand, with the help of a little giant trip hammer.   Many of my billets are 320 layers using such steels as 203 E, 01 tool steel, 1084 and 15N20, mixture of carbon steel with nickel. 

There is nothing better than the feel of a good knife, its just right.  Whether it is a simple pocket knife or a blade carried on your belt. You know its there, can grab it whenever its needed; it stays sharp, looks good, unique handle; a functional show piece.  I strive to make knives that are affordable, functional, artistically pleasing and durable. 

Whether blacksmithing or knife making in the traditional sense,  is not about mass productions, but passion, skill, dedication and practice.

​I recently attended the annual ABANA conference in SLC, UT,  and was featured on the show "Forged in Fire" seen on the HISTORY Channel.

I am an active member of the Northwest Blacksmith Association (NWBA) and the Idaho Knife Makers Association (IKA).