Boise Blacksmith  Forge 56

 "you cannot dream yourself into a character,                    you must hammer and forge yourself one"  James Froude

Harry Black, a Boise native. Legend has it that his skin is made of steel, and heart burns like coal.


                                 Forge 56 History                       

  "I will never give up my coal forge because it is the traditional forge of the blade smith.  There is something about a coal fire, the smell of coke, the glowing coals and the nostalgia of knowing that you are doing it the same way it was done "way back when".  This quote by Jim Hrisoulas describes the way I feel about the time honored art of black or blade smithing.  I have been a self taught blacksmith  since 1980's. 

I attended the Bill Moran Knife School in Washington Arkansas, learning  many of the traditional ways of bladesmithing. I hand forged a Bowie knife in the historic blacksmith shop of James Black, the original forger of the Bowie knife for Jim Bowie. This was an inspirational time, having great influence on my passion for the historical art and deepening the ongoing self taught skill.

I have had the opportunity to travel and demonstrate this art, participating in Civil War reenactments, Museum come to life, Three Island Crossing, Eagle Island Days, Grant Kohrs history days, Lewis and Clark Caverns, Dodge City Kansas Museum, Murphy Days, Yosemite Pioneer Village                           and local boy scout events.  Recently, featured on "Forged in Fire" on the History channel.

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